Automatic Chlorinators

Pools require regular dosing of chlorine to remain healthy and clean.

Salt chlorinated pools produce their own chlorine through the process of electrolysis. The flow of low level salted water through a cell containing cathode and anode terminals combined with electric current from the unit's power pack transformer creates the chlorine. Correct salt levels, running time and a clean cell are essential for optimum performance. A great salt chlorinator system recommended by Coastal Pool Cleaning is WATERMAID.

Liquid chlorinators run their own small electrical pump which pumps liquid chlorine from a drum into the pool's plumbing by way of an injector. With an output control dial and a time clock incorporated system works well. Probe control and acid dosing models are also available.

Imagine a chlorinator that runs on traditional salt, or any mineral salt blend you choose. That’s exactly what you get with the EcoBlend® Chlorinator. It works with traditional salt, mineral salt blends, magnesium chloride blends, and any other commercially available salt blend.

Made of premium materials and packed with useful features, the EcoBlend® Chlorinator provides best in class performance and maximum reliability. It’s the most advanced chlorinator in the market.