Swimming pool water only requires two basic fundamentals - adequate filtration and correct chemical balance.

Pool water must be filtered to remove insoluble particles and to produce clear water.

It is essential that all of your pool's filtration system is operating correctly, with good water flow through the skimmer to the pump and filter and back to the pool.

With quality products and pool equipment from Coastal Pool Care you can always ensure your pool water is crystal clear, healthy and "swim ready".


Automatic Pool Cleaners

Most pools are continually subjected to amounts of debris, leaves, dirt and dust etc. falling into them. Some of this material will be removed through the skimmer when the pump is running, however a lot will sink to the bottom, making the pool look dirty and encouraging algae growth if left unattended.

The only way to remove this is to either manually vacuum the pool or to install an automatic cleaner. Automatic pool cleaners fall into two basic categories - suction and pump-powered types...



Automatic Chlorinators

Swimming pools require regular dosing with chlorine, therefore most new or renovated pools have some type of automatic chlorinator.

These units are the modern way to go and eliminate the regular chore of hand dosing your pool with chemicals.

There are two main types of chlorinators - salt chlorinators and liquid chlorinators...



Sand Filters

Filters are a major component of a pool's circulation system as one of the most important aspects of healthy, clean swimming water is the removal of any dirt or debris.

A good quality fibreglass sand filter will last for many years providing sparkling water with minimal maintenance...



Pool pumps are required to operate for long hours often under harsh and severe conditions. Good water flow starts with a decent pump, sized to match your system and your pool.

Quality pumps are available from Coastal Pool Care, such as Waterco and Reltech pumps...